Room Integrity Testing

Room-integrity-test1Door Fan testing is the accepted method to prove the ability of the protected room to hold the extinguishing agent for a determined period of time.

A fan system is placed in a doorway and is used to pressurize and depressurize the room. The results are entered into a computer and the software program calculates the equivalent leakage area, retention time, and the discharge peak pressures.

Pass/Fail – Enclosure Integrity Report
Door Fan Test – Total Room Leakage Data
Door Fan Test- Graph
Enclosure – Venting
Equipment Calibration Certificates
Tester Certificate – on request
Leak Audit Report with Indexing and Recommendations

Testing causes very little disruption to the normal operations and does not require the room to be cleared. The total expected running time of the test is approximately 1 hour.

The test is repeatable, allowing the room to be tested at any time. Interruption does not affect results.

Our Test Technicians are qualified by RETROTEC and are currently certified to the highest Level 3.

  • Level 1 – Fire Enclosure Integrity Design, Testing, and Witnessing
  • Level 2 – Basic Enclosure Integrity Testing and Peak Pressure Analysis
  • Level 3 – Advanced Enclosure Integrity Testing and Evaluation

Testing equipment is state of the art and kept within their calibration period.

Customers or their Authorized Representatives are invited to witness tests. Witness Report forms will be made available On Site.

Technician and/or Calibration Certificates are made available on request and may be verified with RETROTEC direct. –

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